Denver Deals, Events, and News

Denver Deals, Events, and News

  • Zipcars now live at CU-Boulder!
  • a new way to zip
  • Zipcars live in Breckenridge!

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Chinook Book Denver

90-day Gift Subscription

Zipster access to all mobile coupons for FREE


Chinook Book's cash-saving coupons for at sustainability-minded retailers around town help Zipsters win at urban living...just like Zipcar does! Which is why we've partered with Chinook to grant Denver Zipsters exclusive free access to all of Chinooks coupons on the mobile app for 3 months. Have a peak at the savings, then book your Zipcar to check those errands off your list. 

company website

1. Download the Chinook Book app

2. Create a new account & enter Activation Code: 99780-1476-9661-5298

Already have an account? Simply tap the Menu>Add/Purchase to enter the code above.

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budget® truck rental

up to 25% off


Moving? Pack up and save up to 25% off a Budget Truck rental. And make the move to your next home a smooth ride with:

  • Reliable, easy-to-drive trucks
  • Variety of truck sizes up to 26'
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

Find your truck at



$25 Off


Moving? Our pals at Unpakt have the answer to a headache-less move for all Zipsters! Unpakt lets you find the best moving companies, compare exact prices, and book online instantly. As the easy and free way to book your move online, Unpakt takes the guesswork out of determining how much your move will cost and saves you from comparing unreliable user reviews. Plus, Zipsters save an extra $25 so there's no way you're getting ripped off on moving day. The only thing left to do is Zip to your favorite stores and pick out decor for your new pad! 

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To redeem this offer, simply use the code ZIPCAR during registration! 

avis logo

avis® car rental

up to 30% off and more!


You can get pretty far on 180 miles/day, but for those longer haul adventures, we scored you a sweet deal with Avis®. Zipcar members can save up to 30%, plus get free upgrades and up to $25 off your next rental (you can even combine discounts).

Snag these deals at

Caffeine Crawl

Caffeine Crawl

$5 off tickets to Caffeine Crawl!


Zip and sip with us at the Caffeine Crawl! Choose from eighhteen routes to sample coffee, tea, and chocolate, all while you learn from the best baristas and chocolatiers in Colorado. Crawls take place in Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, and Denver. Zipsters get $5 off any route.

company website

Use the promo code ZIPCARCOLORADO at checkout for $5 off.

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budget® car rental

up to 30% off and more!


Grab a Zipcar for cross-town but for cross-country, Budget® has got your back. Zipcar members can save up to 30% with Budget®, plus get free upgrades and up to $25 off your next rental (you can even combine discounts).

Snag these deals at



Complimentary 1-Month FoundersCard Membership


We would like to introduce you to FoundersCard.  FoundersCard is a community of more than 20,000 movers, shakers and business owners who enjoy access to exclusive offers from the best brands in travel, business and lifestyle. Zipcar members receive a complimentary 1-month membership to FoundersCard.

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Use promo code: FCZIPCAR

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